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Provision management

For more than 30 years, we’ve built a vast expertise in providing seafarers around the globe with the highest possible quality of provisions. You’ll get access to a curated network of the best suppliers in every port all over the globe — and you’ll get access to digital order management platform that make everything radically faster, easier and more transparent.  
To us, true partnerships matter. Our many long-lasting client engagements prove that ambition. You can expect us to work closely with you all the way from onboarding to knowing all the individual needs, nationalities and wants from your crew. Seafarers deserve better lives at sea. 

Provision management that benefits you and your entire crew

With Garrets Provision Management, you’ll achieve maximum efficiency, because we’ll get the entire overview over your vessel and consequently be able to reduce administration costs. Your dedicated point of contact will get to know the specific needs of your crew, handle all sub-suppliers and take care of every step of the order process, ensuring you complete peace of mind. 

Food safety comes first

Proper hygiene and food safety is vital in any galley. We offer training to crewmembers, and are naturally in compliance with legislations, HACCP principles together with MLC certifications. In addition, our suppliers are verified through NSF International, a global leader in health and safety risk management. 

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Guidance on menu and nutrition in one place

In close collaboration with you, we’ll assist in menu planning and best practices through our online cookbook. Our recipes include seasonal trends, ethnic awareness, tips for easier cooking and lessons on cooking theory. 

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Food management experts

We’ve been in the catering business for decades and have an established knowledge base of how your crew consumes provisions. We’re sharing that expertise with you to be of service and to assist in planning your provisions right. This can help you create healthy and varied menus, all while minimising food waste. This keeps your crew happy, lessens environmental impact and minimises costs — all while keeping quality in focus. 

Training for your galley crew

At Garrets, we turn cooks into heroes. Our dedicated instructors are happy to educate your chefs and staff— both in practical skills and theoretical knowledge. Our training courses consist of a long range of relevant topics, combining practical lessons, instructional videos, cooking quizzes and most importantly; personal cook support.

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Provision supply and management

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Provisions management

Provisions management

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