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Biodegradable assortment

Biodegradable plastics

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact, thus we are always seeking sustainable solutions, better alternatives, and various initiatives to start protecting our nature and the sea.

Thus, in 2018, we started a partnership with one of our customers to reduce the conventional single-use plastics in our deliveries to them, replacing it with a biodegradable assortment.

Today, we are halfway to our goal.

It should be said that we are well aware this is not the solution to plastic pollution or plastic littering. We know that even biodegradable plastics do not mineralize completely, unless under favorable conditions based on the type of plastic. However, it is a solid step in the right direction, moving away from conventional single-use plastics.

Biodegradable does not mean you should litter!

As mentioned above, biodegradable items do not necessarily decompose under the wrong conditions, thus we do not try to encourage anyone to litter. There are no available evidence showing that biodegradable plastics play a role in reducing maritime litter, it might even make it worse because people think they can – with good conscience – throw away biodegradable products in nature.

Biodegradable plastics still require the right conditions to biodegrade, yet quicker than its counterpart.

Source : United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) 

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