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Certified MLC Galley Audit

Your crew’s health and wellbeing have an impact on their work performance and safety, thus we focus on the Maritime Labour Convention in our services, making sure that you comply with the 2006 regulation 3.2 on food and catering.

Vessels sailing under a flag that has ratified the convention must be certified accordingly. However, although a Flag State decides not to ratify the convention, vessels will still have to comply with the requirements in the convention if they enter the waters of other countries that have ratified the convention.

The MLC also takes into account that there can be different cultural and religious backgrounds, thus all seafarers employed as cooks, with responsibility for food preparation, must be trained and qualified for their position on board.


In close collaboration with you, we will go through your galley procedures and methods and guide you in how to improve and become compliant – all to ensure that you have access to quality food and drinking water provided under regulated hygienic conditions according to the convention.


We provide on-board training in food hygiene and safety, stock management, menu planning, galley safety and equipment management as part of your galley audit. We make sure that your cooks and galley crew are competent and feel safe in carrying out their tasks.


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Angelica Tolentino
Training and Office Coordinator

Diana Rose Lumot
Head of Catering Superintendents, Manila

Vincent Chua Chern Siang
Catering Superintendent, Singapore