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Seafarers' welfare

Our most valuable asset is the seafarers at sea and thus our commitment towards their motivation and wellbeing. We highly respect the life at sea and we go that extra mile to support our seafarers in our services and sponsorships.


We focus on the MLC 2006 regulation (Maritime Labour Convention red.) in our maritime services to help our customers across the globe with ensuring their crews’ health, wellbeing and safety through:

  • Training in food and catering including nutrition
  • Supply of high quality provisions, stores and bonded items and medical supplies through assured supplier network


Day of the Seafarer

We proudly support the Day of the Seafarer, a celebration recognized by the United Nations and organized by the International Maritime Organisation. The day is aimed at engaging seafarers to be ambassadors for our industry and raise awareness of their importance to the global economy.

In the recent years, we celebrated the Day of the Seafarer together with Sea Health & Welfare and Wrist, treating seafarers with cake in selected ports.



Garrets holds a membership and is a sponsor of ISWAN (International Seafarers’ Welfare Assistance Network), an international maritime charity working to improve lives of seafarers and their families.

ISWAN cooperates with supporting companies, foundations and organizations to drive change in the maritime industry and support seafarers through access to free helplines and health resources, including  mental health awareness training.



Mercy Ships is a charity that delivers medical equipment and life-changing surgeries to people in West Africa who have only little or no access to medicine or healthcare. The charity uses hospital ships and volunteer professionals to deliver free specialized surgical care and medical training to build the local healthcare systems.

We proudly support Mercy Ship’s substantial work. Learn more here.


Seafarers' welfare

our mission is to provide expert care
making our customers' life at sea better