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Food waste management

Food waste is one of the prevalent problems in commercial shipping. Through improved training and management in purchasing, storage, cooking and portion, we control a lot of this waste can be avoided or reduced. Not only is food waste bad for the environment, it is also a waste of valuable resources and money.

Let's make the change!

There are so many things a vessel can do, from a food production point of view, to utilise all the food they purchase, and indeed cook, each day. We offer training to galley departments, where food waste management is included, presenting some of these initiatives to prevent and reduce food waste from commercial shipping galleys through better food management processes.

  • Weigh, track and log your waste
  • Manage your pre - and post consumer food waste
  • Effective purchasing, storing, cooking etc.
  • Flexitarian lifestyle
  • Reuse excess food, including recipes

Don't hesitate to reach out to our Superintendent team for more information about Food waste management: superintendents@garrets.com

Fresh Pod

We also offer Fresh Pod technology that extends the freshness of fruit and vegetables up to 4 times longer. Extended freshness of provisions allows chief cooks more time to use up fruit and vegetables in their menu planning before they decay, thus avoiding or reducing food waste due to spoilage.

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