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Our services

Making life at sea better

For more than 30 years, we’ve persistently fuelled better lives on board vessels across the globe. That’s why we know what matters on board – and so do our suppliers. We collaborate closely with our customers and your single-point-of-contact will ensure maximum efficiency, reduce administration costs and build a comprehensive understanding of your exact needs. No matter where you are.


We combine years of experience and breakthrough technology to sort your provision the fast and easy way. You’ll get access to a curated network of the best suppliers in every port. We screen multiple quotations on your behalf, so you’re guaranteed the best options and guide you on nutrition, food waste reduction and streamlining of processes. 

Learn more about Provision Management.


Get access to your very own store at sea. Together, we’ll set your budget and assortment and help you manage everything. You’ll benefit from our knowledge of your vessel and its required maintenance level. This will establish economic safety and ensure that your crew get everything at the right time. 

Learn more about Stores Management.

Training and support services

A better life is also tied to health and responsibility, ensuring proper nutrition and making sure that every crew and vessel make the most of it. Through training and education, we’re turning cooks into heroes. Our training and support services cover a wide range of galley crew training courses , nutritional guidance, stock and supply management including MLC galley audits.

Learn more about our training and support services.

Hygiene & Food safety

HygienE & food safety

Comply with legislation, food hygiene best practices and HACCP principles. This also includes guidance on MLC. 

Healthy eating

Healthy eating

Improve your crew's nutrition through healthy ingredients, product selection and recipes.


Food management

Food management

Have us manage and plan your provisions, scheduling, stock control and waste management.

Menu guidance

Menu guidance

Get guidance on healthy menu planning, recipes, cooking theory, portion control and multi-ethnic awareness on products. 



Engage in on-board, onshore and remote online training of cooks in the fundamentals of the culinary arts and management techniques.  

Procurement & ordering

Procurement & Ordering

Let us handle the full procurement process with strong global purchasing power, contact to the vessel and head office.

Provision & stores supplies

Provision & stores supplies

Get access to sourcing from the best suppliers in each port for each ship's specific provisioning needs.  

crew welfare & retention

crew welfare & retention

Enhance your crew well-being through healthy menu planning addressing the specific needs of multi-ethnic crews. 

Value add service

Value add service

 Experience the benefits of a truly close partnership — no matter your needs, location or situation.