Who we are

World of Garrets

We are the leading provision and stores management partner to the global shipping community serving more than 1,400 ships around the world.

We operate from our headquarter in Noerresundby, Denmark and our branches in Romford, United Kingdom, Singapore and Manila, the Philippines and provides a 24/7 service, within our field, to each of our customers. We focus on providing good quality but not at the expense of delivering economic value to our customers. Through extensive knowledge we guide the ships to create the correct product mix for their provision and stores orders, and select the right ports according to their trade pattern, to support each and every seafarer to a better life at sea.

Our mission is to provide expert care - making our customer's life at sea better.

crane with pallet of stores

View of two large ships on open ocean

Our mission is to provide expert care - making our customers' life at sea better.