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Stores Management

With stores management we have expanded our concept to also include the purchasing and management of general consumables. This can be everything from cleaning supplies to work wear, tools and other types of equipment. With stores management, a yearly total budget is compiled, and Garrets will then help the vessel stay within this budget by storing up in key ports on a quarterly basis. The quarterly storings will reduce the workload for the crew.

We supply almost 100 vessels in stores management. With provision and stores management combined Garrets supplies more than 1400 vessels around the globe.
A benefit of having stores management through Garrets it is the possibility of having good knowledge of the budget levels for each vessel, based on its type, size, age and required maintenance level. This will establish economic safety for the vessels owner, and ensure that the vessel crew always receives the equipment at the right time.


Value added service

We agree with the customer on a basket of items to be included in the stores management budget and our experienced vessel account managers review each order from the vessel to guide and ensure they stay within budget and store up in the cheapest and best ports possible.

We are benchmarking and negotiating pricing with suppliers in these key ports and ensure that orders are delivered according to the specific agreement, so the crew easily can get all organized onboard the vessel.

easy ordering with the stores shopper

With its intuitive and simple-to-use features, our digital ordering platform, the Stores Shopper, optimizes and simplifies the order process through easy ordering, better planning and greater transparency in ongoing orders, order history, budget and cost, providing data and increased spend awareness.

Each vessel will get access to the Stores Shopper, covering the basket of items agreed upon between Garrets and the Ship Owner/Manager.

Additional items can be ordered specifically - please contact Garrets here, or the dedicated Vessel Account Manager for further information. Garrets will provide the customer with spend analysis. The basket of items can then be adjusted according to the actual needs onboard the vessels.

Garrets Stores Shopper




Shared properties with provisions management

Both stores management and provision management share some common properties, which will benefit the customers in the end. Due to Garrets' global coverage we offer a wide range of products, from selected suppliers all over the globe. This global coverage creates a very strong price index and thereby ensuring that each vessel can obtain goods at the best price possible. The global coverage also ensures that each vessel will obtain the bought goods at the right time.

By trading with Garrets both the vessel and the vessel owner(s) will enjoy the benefit of having only one point of contact, as Garrets handles all sub-suppliers, and thereby drastically limits the time, administrative costs and resources needed to manage the provisions and stores. A further benefit of the Garrets partnership is the ease experienced by the crews when arriving at a harbor, as they do not need foreign currency or trouble themselves with complicated invoicing, as Garrets takes care of every step of the order process.
A dedicated Vessel Account Manager is able to develop a comprehensive understanding of the crew's needs and the preferred working styles. Moreover, close collaboration with the customers allows Garrets to improve our day-to-day operations and continuously develop more efficient ways of working with our customers.
Both provision and stores management at Garrets minimize the number of supplies and invoices as we handle this for our customers.
By knowing which items the vessels buy the most frequently, it is possible to identify the items to which you should pay closest attention.


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 Garrets Stores Shopper

large containership is being towed out of harbour by tugboat

offshore supply vessel is being offloaded for provisions

stores management box

Stores management

Handling of full procurement process with strong global purchasing power.