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Become a supplier

What we do:

As the leader in our market, our aim in the Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) team is to be at the forefront of improving the safe handling of food in our industry and provide best value to our customers.

Why is this important?

Our customers expect an unrivalled global service – the SRM team exists to help our company achieve this.

Standards of food quality and food safety vary around the globe and often our vessels call locations where there are few supply options.

In recent years, both Food Safety and Food Fraud are areas of increasing concern in the industry today. They pose threat to consumers’ health and to a company’s reputation and financial stability.

Selecting the right suppliers and working with them to improve their safe handling of food throughout the chain is key to everything we do.

What we expect from our suppliers:

  • Our suppliers are ethical, reliable and care about food as much as we do.
  • Our suppliers provide quality food and handle it with care throughout the food chain.
  • They manage their own suppliers effectively to ensure best value and quality to meet our defined standards.

Together, we enhance the welfare of the consumers; professional seafarers from every corner of the globe, wherever they are sailing to at this very moment…

vessel crewmember lifting provisions from a Garrets delivery

Become a supplier:

If you share our values and want to be considered as a supplier to Garrets, please fill out this form and tell us why you care about delivering quality food to seafarers.

a chef is stirring in a pan, which contains a steak and some greens