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Fresh provisioning is essential in the daily life at sea for crews to be able to cook delicious and nutritional meals and stay healthy and happy. To assist vessels in keeping their provisions in stock fresh as long as possible, Garrets offers Fresh Pod technology that extends the freshness of fruit and vegetables up to 4 times longer and help retain essential nutrients.

What is Fresh Pod®?

Fresh Pod is a filter that you place next to your provisions in the store or refrigerated area on board your vessel. The filter helps retain important nutrients, removes invisible bacteria, spores and moulds and can reduce odours as well as retard taste migration for up to 3-6 months depending on your storage facilities.

Fruit and vegetables naturally release ethylene gas, which causes them to ripen and decay, reducing their shelf life, and even though refrigeration slows decay, it does not prevent the release of ethylene gas.

By using the Fresh Pod technology, you neutralize 98.9 % of the ethylene gas and keep your fruit and vegetables fresh up to 4 times longer than normal.

Fresh Pod keeps your produce fresh for longer

Reduce food waste

Extended freshness of provisions allows chief cooks more time to use up fruit and vegetables in their menu planning before they decay, thus avoiding or reducing food waste due to spoilage. Food that we throw away is a waste of valuable resources as it is both expensive to buy as well as dispose of. By reducing your food waste, you save costs as the waste adds pressure to your vessel’s provision budget. Additionally, you help reduce your carbon footprint and environmental impact on the planet.

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100% safe and natural

Fresh Pod® is made of a natural mineral called zeolite, which reacts when it comes in contact with ethylene gas released by fruit and vegetables. Gradually, the Fresh Pod filter material becomes manganese dioxide, which is an excellent fertilizer approved for organics. At no point is there any interaction with the fresh produce – making it suitable for organic foods too.


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Fresh Pod - How It Works


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Fresh Pod sachet - Extended freshness of provisions

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