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Training types

We work closely with masters and cooks to improve the welfare of seafarers - our tailored training to galley management enables you to build your training course according to your individual learning needs and preferences.


On-board 1-2-1 - Training - Learning at Sea

On-board 1-2-1

On-board 1-2-1 training allows you the benefit of being in the familiar setting of your own vessel. You use your own galley to train your crew in work processes and techniques they can use as soon as the training course is over.
In an on-board 1-2-1, a superintendent boards your vessel and observes your crew in how they perform various galley management activities. They will offer guidance and tailor the training session specifically to your crew's individual needs with the opportunity to customize the course according to your own vessel’s requirements.

This training type is usually coupled with a Vessel and Audit Inspection to ensure the procedures at place carry out effective galley management. Read more about Vessel and Audit Inspection her.



Classroom-based training - Training - Learning at Sea

Classroom-based training

Classroom-based training provides a structured learning-based course session in one of our partner centres in either Manila or the Netherlands. You will learn the theoretical application of techniques and best practices on board and gain the opportunity to apply your knowledge in the subsequent kitchen training.

Please note that in order to hold a classroom-based training course, a minimum of 10 participants needs to be signed up. However, if you do not have 10 participants signed up, we can merge your crew with those from another group.



Instructor-led online training - Training - Learning at Sea

Instructor-led online training

The instructor-led online training session provides you and your crew the flexibility of learning new work processes or upscaling your current knowledge in catering management from anywhere you want. When the course is booked, you will receive pre-training materials, which the following online training will be based upon.

Please note that a minimum requirement of 4 participants needs to be signed up in order to run the instructor-led online training. However, if you do not have 4 participants signed up, we can merge your crew with those from another group.



Online self-study - Training - Learning at Sea

Online self-study

If you do not have the time, resources, or the number of required participants available for the classroom-based or instructor-led online training, we offer the opportunity of self-study. Here, your crew will receive the workbook and accredited, up-to-date training materials in order to gain the fundamentals in galley management or upscale their knowledge in the accredited training course.
The method of self-study allows participants to learn at their own pace, the freedom of using various models of learning and encourages effecting learning through the participant’s own motivation and empowerment.




Training courses

Many of our training courses are custom-made and designed for the individual learning needs of the cook or company. On completion of our courses, you will receive a diploma towards the accredited course. We offer training to all catering roles.
Explore our training courses below, find more information on our training services or courses here, or contact us at training@garrets.com and let us know how we can help you. 
Please find our most frequently asked questions on our training services below. 

Basic galley management

The basic galley management course provides participants with the fundamental knowledge and basic skills within galley management, focusing on galley arrangement, hygiene and food safety, stock verification, menu planning and budget management.

Skills include:

  • Galley arrangement
  • Galley cleanliness
  • Hygiene
  • Verification of stock
  • Order and stock compliance
  • Menu structure

Menu planning

The course provides participants with the knowledge and basic skills within menu planning and on how to create a healthy menu that incorporates nutrition, seasonal products, and different cooking techniques.

Skills include:

  • Stock quality assessment
  • Meat cuts
  • Cooking methods
  • Seasonal cooking
  • Menu planning


Full galley management

The course provides its participants with the basic knowledge and skills of cooking, including how to make different types of food as well as galley management and menu planning. During the course, the participants will be introduced to HACCP and how it affects the running of the galley.

Skills include:

  • Understanding and implementation of HACCP structures
  • Basic cooking principles and techniques
  • Fundamental skills in basic galley management – hygiene, food safety, budget management etc.
  • Nutritional menu planning using season products

Tailormade accredited training

Through partnership with our accredited training partner Orionis and talented, professional instructors from Food Lab and Scalda, we offer access to the accredited Professional European Chef program (PEC). Trainees that attend this course will be educated through workshop seminars, classroom-based theoretical and practical skills training at an established cookery school facility.

After a successful completion of the accredited training course, trainees will receive an official Professional European Chef (PEC) certificate. Long after completion, we continue to support the trainees with guidance, ensuring the opportunity for trainees to follow up on all skill-based training once they have been assigned their vessels.

Pick and drop service

As a unique option for our Tailormade accredited training course, we offer our trainees a pick and drop service from vessel or airport and back. During your training, we will facilitate accommodation at nearby hotel facilities on your behalf so you can focus on your education during the course.










Contact our superintendents

Feel free to contact our superintendents at superindents@garrets.com.

Our mission is to improve the welfare of seafarer’s and learning at sea, and we will ensure to apply you with the tools, knowledge, and skills to perform excellent both at sea and on shore.


Frequently asked questions

How much does a training course cost?

The cost of a training session is determined by the number of participants, location, and availability. Contact training@garret.com and let us know your needs and requirements. This will allow us to give you a specific price for your customized training course.

When are the training courses held?

After you send a list of participants and other required documents for the booked course, you can expect a minimum of 5 working days before the course can be held. This will ensure our superintendents time to register the participants, prepare course materials suited for your requirements, and coordinate the necessary technical or location-based setup.