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World of Garrets

Always on board

We’re your experienced, always exploring maritime service partner operating in more than 700 ports and serving 35,000 seafarers worldwide. For more than 30 years, we have provided full service of provision and stores, persistently fuelling better lives on board vessels across the globe. To us, a better life at sea is tied to health and responsibility. It is about ease; ease of mind and ease of use. 
Our worldwide services – powered by technology and decades of know-how – provide transparency, insight and speed making it easy to do business at fair prices. That’s why our customers trust us to deliver on board, on time and on budget. We partner closely with all our customers on budget management, nutrition guidance, chef education and food waste reduction
Our mission is to provide expert care, making our customer's life at sea better.  
It’s all starts on board. Right where we like to be. 

Our story

Garrets International was founded in 1991 to facilitate full co-operation between ship owners and managers, crew and suppliers by providing a complete provision management service. By 2015 Garrets was recognised as a world-leading maritime provision management company with a fleet of over 1,000 ships of all types and sizes supplying them in ports around the world. Garrets became part of the Wrist Group as of 28 January 2016.

Our thinking

To us, a better life at sea starts with availability and accountability. That’s why we’re present in every port with full access to fresh goods and high-quality items – and it’s why our customers can always trust us to deliver on time and on budget — no matter where and when. 
Our ambition is the success of our customers. That requires us to truly partner up and guide our customers — not only on provisions and optimizing supply patterns, but also on nutrition, menu planning, personal development and much more. It also requires us to keep exploring new ways and seek out new technologies — on their behalf. We innovate and turn new ideas into action. In our minds, today doesn’t have to define tomorrow.  
We take pride in providing expert care for all seafarers across the globe. 

We partner closely with all our customers on budget management, nutrition guidance, and more.

our mission is to provide expert care
making our customers' life at sea better