Who we are

Our story

Operating as part of the wider Wrist Ship Supply, we represents one of the marine industry’s largest and most accomplished provision and stores management companies. Garrets became part of Wrist as of 28 January 2016.

The former Wrist’s business unit, SeaStar Management was established in 2009 to specialise in delivery of consumables and handling of associated budgets all over the world. With the support of Wrist, the company quickly established a strong reputation and a customer platform of 600 ships. With Wrist’s acquisition of Garrets, the SeaStar brand was changed to Garrets.

Garrets International was founded in 1991 to facilitate full co-operation between ship owners and managers, crew and suppliers by providing a complete provision management service. By 2015 Garrets was recognised as a world-leading marine provision management company with a fleet of over 1,000 ships of all types and sizes supplying them in ports around the world.

Today, both companies operate as a single entity under the Garrets brand with offices located within Denmark, the United Kingdom and Manila, as well as a dedicated sales office within Singapore.

View of the ocean from the back of a ship

On and offloading of a offshore supply ship

Red Garrets star