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Training Courses 2017

Date: 27 January 2017

Garrets is now ready to represent the Training Courses in 2017 for Ships Catering NC III course at ISCAHM in Manila.

This course designed for Chief Cooks, 2nd Cooks and including crew who are up for promotion.

The course will provide the Cooks with the fundamental knowledge such as food safety, nutrition and cost control and menu planning.  The course will also enhance the skills of the cooks in food preparation as they prepare various international dishes and various desserts and breads.

Ships’ Catering NC III (Ships’ Cooks) Course dates 2017

  • March 06 to 21, 2017
  • April 19, 2017 to May 5, 2017
  • May 15 to 30, 2017
  • June 13 to 28, 2017
  • July 10 to 25, 2017
  • August 14 to 31, 2017
  • September 11 to 26, 2017
  • October 09 to 24, 2017
  • November 13 to 28, 2017
  • December 4 to 19, 2017


Booking and information on this course and any other training courses provided by Garrets can be made via the following link

Read more about it here

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