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Pre-Boarding Briefing Seminars carried out online

Date: 02 July 2020

At Garrets, we make sure that we provide the service our clients expect from us. In the same way that we train our employees, as an organization, we can only achieve our common goal by providing training or seminars to our clients as well. That is why we conduct pre-boarding briefing seminars for crews before they must go back to their assigned ships. However, due to the current COVID-19 situation, the seminar has shifted to an online session.  

With the pre-boarding seminars, our goal is to ensure that all crews, including Masters and any senior officers, are aware what the Garrets business is all about – why it is important to keep the budget and all other important factors that can help make their lives easier onboard. During a seminar, crews are briefed in:

  • Provision Ordering Process
  • System used in Garrets
  • Digital Workbook Guide
  • Provision Price Index
  • FAQ
  • Garrets contact details

This allows crews, and most especially those that are new or not familiar with Garrets, to learn the basics in processing a provision order. It also gives them the opportunity to meet the Garrets contact person with whom they will be dealing when onboard. The seminar is a great way of building relations that give both sides a comfortable level of trust to build and strengthen our partnership upon.

Normally conducted in our Manila office, our seminars have now shifted to online sessions as we continue to serve our crews during COVID-19 times.

The pre-boarding briefing seminars have proved to be a success. Starting with one participant when it was first introduced back in 2019, the rest is history and with an average rating of 4.54 (out of 5) the seminar has become an important preparation for crews to perform their duties onboard.