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Making life at sea better through careful and creative planning

Date: 18 January 2023

– an insight in how we ensure a professional guidance on provision management for our customers

Creating and implementing a menu plan consisting of varied, tasty and nutritious meals on a limited budget can sound quite insurmountable. It is not an easy task - it requires careful and creative planning and time to do so.

At Garrets, we believe that a better life at sea is tied to crew health and wellbeing and we’re striving to meet nutritional needs and optimize food usage through galley and cook training, and food, hygiene and nutritional programs. But that’s not all that we do.

Putting ourselves in our customers’ place

Through training, we also make sure that our Vessel Account Management teams are well prepared and skilled to serve and advice customers in our care on provision ordering, stocktaking and menu planning.

We run internal workshops on a continuous basis for all our Vessel Account Managers to ensure a high level of service and understanding of our customers’ needs and everyday challenges on board vessels.

Recently, we’ve completed two workshops. One of the tasks was a hands-on exercise putting our Vessel Account Managers right in our customers’ place: Prepare a healthy and varied menu plan for a specified number of people taking crew nationality, seasonal product availability and budget into consideration.

Garrets Manila VAM team in workshop about menu planning and budget managementPreparing a menu at Garrets VAM workshop in DK