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How can we help seafarers to have focus on a healthy lifestyle?

Date: 03 January 2017

The Wellness at Sea event is a brand new concept that brings together leaders and industry experts to address key factors affecting seafarer's wellbeing.

Meet Garrets at this year's Wellness at Sea Conference 17 January 2017 in Singapore where 15 speakers will tell about topics that concerns the maritime industry.

Our Global Operations Support Manager, Christopher Little, will take you through the aspects of healthy lifestyle while at sea. 90 % of all goods come by sea, and the life at sea can be rough! A healthy lifestyle is important in order to manage physical and psychological factors, and in addition, a healthy lifestyle can decrease various illnesses.

So, how can we help seafarers to have focus on a healthy lifestyle? Christopher Little says: "The solution to changing the way our seafarers currently eat is to listen, raise awareness, invest in education and set guidelines".

At Garrets, we do more than take care of provisions for the seafarers - we invest time in our seafarer's wellbeing, offer menu guidance, raise the awareness and offer training at our partnership schools in Manila, Nantong and Mumbai.

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