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Galley of Fame January 2020

Date: 01 January 2020

We are pleased and honored to announce this month’s exciting list of vessels who performed outstandingly during their recent galley audits.

Our Superintendents have spent the month visiting many vessels and have observed the hard work and care that goes into keeping a vessel crew going. They have been amazed and have returned with many good experiences and stories from the audits.

As part of Garrets appreciation for the hard work and excellent standards, we would like to showcase the following vessels and thank them for their efforts, warm welcome and kind hospitality:


Macuru Arrow

Our Superintendent James Tan visited Macuru Arrow in Singapore on 10.01.2020, to conduct a vessel audit and on-board training for the Chief Cook.

The crew of Macuru Arrow

Captain Ruel Amante Tabug quoted:
Indeed, Chief Cook Baldivia and GBY Ralfie Magharing deserve the recognition.
As the Captain of the ship I am very grateful to these men whose intention is always to satisfy the Officers and crew. I believe it is the love for their job that is key. It is not just days of preparation for these guys, but it is always their intention to make things in order .
My appreciation for the Garrets support in all aspects of the galley department. Indeed, it makes the team more effective in budgeting, quality food preparation and most of all quality work ethics in the galley as whole.”

Superintendents comments:
Overall, the vessel scored an impressive 96% in the audit report. All areas are very clean and well organized by the Chief Cook. An excellent example of a well-managed catering department. Job well done!


Al Dahna

Our Superintendents Dean Verhoeff and Sander van Steenbergen visited Al Dahna in Rotterdam on 08.01.2020 to conduct a vessel audit and on-board training for the Chief Cook

 The crew of Al Dahna

Captain Gennadiy Zhabin quoted:
‘‘I am very pleased with the work of the catering crew, from my side, only positive emotions. I am very honored that the catering crew has been nominated for the Galley of Fame’’.

Superintendents comments:
Our compliments to the Catering crew onboard for the high performance, the galley and stores areas are very clean, tidy and organised. Therefore, a well-deserved ‘best practice’ score of 100% on the audit report. Well done!


Corella Arrow

Our Superintendent James Tan visited Corella Arrow in Singapore on 11.01.2020 to conduct a vessel audit and on-board training for the Chief Cook.

 The crew of Corella Arrow

Captain Cliff A. Lumasag quoted:
“My galley team blend well and compliment each other with their experience, Chief Cook Larry Torres as the long-time serving cook in this company and GBY Joey Granada being the greenhorn.
Delegation and time management plus hard work and dedication sums-up all their well-rounded performance onboard, this paints a smile on each of the crew's faces after a meal or snacks. Congratulations guys for a job well done from your Team Corella family.”

Superintendents comments:
Overall galley, dining rooms and storage areas are clean and well maintained. Chief Cook is knowledgeable and has a good system implemented regarding FIFO. Cleaning and stocktaking. My compliments to galley team onboard. Overall, the vessel scored an impressive 99% in their audit report. Well done!


LNG Dubhe

Our Lead Superintendent Dean Verhoeff visited LNG Dubhe in Zeebrugge on 06.12.19 to conduct a vessel audit and on-board training for the Chief Cook.

  The Catering team of LNG Dubhe

Captain Vucina Miro quoted:
"I am proud of the Catering Team, achieving this result in the first bumpy 2 months involved a complete overhaul and reorganisation of the vessel galley and stores."

Superintendents comments:
Very organised and professional team, Chief Cook has a good understanding of his duties. Vessel started with Garrets 2 months ago, excellent effort by all. A well-deserving 95% in their audit report!


Al Bahia

Our Lead Superintendent Dean Verhoeff visited Al Bahia in Rotterdam on 15.01.20  to conduct a vessel audit and on-board training for the Chief Cook.

 The crew of Al Bahia

Captain Walid Abo-Hussein quoted:
"Our Catering Staff provide variable meals in well manner.
Chief Cook Mr. Pecardal - is always open for new ideas and is continually improving his skills by learning new recipes. Menu planning and administration respects all shipboard nationalities and helps to keep all seafarers on board in a good mood & high morale."

Superintendents comments:
Overall the vessel scored an impressive ‘Best Practice’ 100% in the audit report, a testament to the Chief Cooks hard work. Well done on this excellent result!


The Garrets star


What is the purpose of appearing in the Galley of Fame?

Our Superintendents visit many vessels every month, each month they select just one vessel to appear in Garrets’ monthly newsletter as “Visited Vessel of the Month” scoring 100% in their audit report. However, at Garrets we would like to show the industry all the high scoring “Best Practice” vessels in our care and recognise the hard work of galley crews.

How do you appear in the Galley of Fame?

To feature in the “Galley of Fame” vessels must receive an overall percentage score of between 95% to 100% on the Superintendent’s galley and stores audit report and have permission of the Master and Vessel Managers to appear on Garrets’ website and social media posts.

How to achieve 95% or above?

Each vessel should aim to score above 94% on each of the following audit areas:

  • Galley Cleanliness , Equipment Care & Food Safety Standards
  • Freezers & Refrigerators
  • Ambient & Dry Store Rooms
  • Evaluation of Chief Cooks Competence (Practical & Theory)
  • Evaluation of Stock Level/Stock Control System
  • Evaluation of Menu & Crew Nutritional Goals
  • Technical Stores Management including Accommodation (Specific fleets)

Are you our next Galley of Fame Vessel?