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Commitment to Genuine Partnerships at Sea

Date: 11 June 2024

At Garrets, we believe that a better life at sea begins with the availability of fresh, high-quality provisions accessible at ports worldwide.

From left: Michael Pua and Vincent Chua

Our ambition is to ensure the success of our customers and their crews by fostering genuine partnerships and deep understanding of their goals, needs and the environment in which they operate.

Onboarding for Enhanced Customer Engagement

To enhance our team’s understanding and develop a close partnership with vessel crews, we facilitate vessel visits throughout the world where Garrets services are provided. These visits enable our team to collaborate closely with the on-board Master and Cook, ensuring alignment on all aspects of a great onboard food operation. This includes support for menu and provision planning, food safety and HSE audits. We want to ensure that the cook is empowered to consistently provide excellent meals within budget – thereby turning the cook into a hero.

Recently, Michael Pua (Key Account Manager – APAC) and Vincent Chua (Catering Superintendent) visited one of our key customer vessels anchored in Singapore. As Michael is new to Garrets, this visit is part of our onboarding program, designed to develop the skills and knowledge of our customers’ daily operations. “Navigating the rolling waves of Singapore harbour and climbing up the pilot ladder to board only adds to the excitement of joining Garrets”, Michael tells.