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Turning cooks into heroes

Date: 21 June 2023

At Garrets, we know that a better life is tied to health and responsibility. Therefore, we try to ensure that every crew has access to healthy, tasty, and nutritious meals by training and educating cooks – and by doing so turning cooks into heroes!

Support from victualling to food on plate

Garrets Training and Support Services are a range of additional services supplementing our core maritime service of managing provisions and stores budgets for our customers’ vessels, making sure that the allocated budget for each crewmember stretches as far as possible for food, non-food items, and consumables.

Training and support services for cooks and galley crew have been an important part of Garrets for several years. The tailored service offers have now been redefined to cover:

  • Training courses and development programmes in smart galley management, enhanced multi-national culinary skills, nutrition, and food hygiene and safety principles for ship cooks and galley crew
  • Expert nutritional and dietary guidance with qualified dietician in 1:1 consultation or on an on-call basis, articles and seminars
  • Compliance with the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 regulation 3.2 on food and catering through on-board galley audits and training sessions
  • Streamlined stock and supply management, where we support and train our customers, making sure that galley crew spend resources efficiently in their day-to-day operations

Learn more about our training and support services.

Expanding training and support services globally

Garrets’ training and support services will be offered widely across the network, benefitting from the global scale that Garrets is a part of. We will train and support vessels and crew members out of Manila, Singapore, Dubai, ARA, Panama and the US Gulf.

Get to know our team

We have a new team on board who stands ready to support our customers. We are very pleased to present:

Meet the team in Garrets Training and Support Services - Say hello to Randy, Martin and Angelica

Randy - Our Director of Training and Support Services, who with his many years as head of our department in Manila has a lot of experience and expertise in serving crews with enhancing skills and welfare on board through courses and guidance in cookery, nutrition and galley management.

Martin - Our new Training Manager and latest addition to the Garrets Training and Support Services team. Fuelled by his passion for learning and development of trainees seeking new skills in their chosen craft,  Martin brings his deep understanding and experience as cook, culinary instructor and programme manager to the Garrets team.

Angelica – Our Training Coordinator, who is the Training and Support Services team’s strong organizer, always ready to guide and help both team and customers.

Meet the team in Garrets Training and Support Services - Say hello to Diana, Charles and Christian

Diana Rose and Charles – Our Catering Superintendents, located in Manila and ARA respectively, who are committed to supporting the cooks and catering crew on board our customers’ vessels.

Diana Rose has a great passion for food and cooking  – right from procuring, preparing, cooking and until serving. Combined with her sailing experience, she understands the daily challenges at sea.

With his extensive experience and background in the catering field, Charles brings his knowledge on galley operations, crew welfare and safety in play through his passion for training and supporting crew members.

Meet the team in Garrets Training and Support Services - Say hello to Brian and Steve

Christian, Steven and Brian – Our Boarding Representatives in Panama and the US Gulf, dedicated to providing expert care and support to ship cooks and galley crew on how to smoothly improve and overcome challenges in the galley. With their vast experience and passion for helping our customers, they take great pride in guiding as well as learning from crews and their different cultural backgrounds – all to make a difference and ensure crew welfare on board the customer vessels in our care.


Get on board

Reach out to our team and learn more about how we can help you. Our team is happy to answer your questions and inquiries.

Contact us here: superintendents@garrets.com