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Training the next generation of cooks

Date: 17 June 2016

We have just finished a two-day training seminar for a customer in Manila. The course was a great success and we have received excellent positive feedback from the Chief Cooks and Mess staff.

During the two-day seminar, the students are taught Garrets processes to reinforce the understanding of our daily operation and service provision. The main substance of the seminar was to guide the students on daily working routines like ordering, inventory management, claiming and demonstration of the new Seastar legacy workbook.

Trying to improve the service standards on-board we emphasised the importance in managing & monitoring health and hygiene, nutrition, allergens, special diets, catering for nationalities and ways to ease, plan and prepare 28 day menus.

Communication is also an important area, not only guiding the students through communication styles but also demonstrating the power of communication with a simple blind folded hoop throwing game, focusing on understanding instructions.

The 22 students some of which have already operated under Seastar legacy expressed their honest opinion on how we performed as a company and these comments circulated to the relevant departments for continuous improvement.

The success of this course has now created a further 4 bookings this year from the client and hopefully many more to come over the coming months, the Operational Support Department can work in tandem with clients to create the perfect training course delivered anywhere in the world.


If you would like to have further information about these seminars, please contact info@garrets.com.