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Hamish Cook - New Managing Director in Garrets

Date: 04 April 2024

We are pleased to announce that Hamish Cook has been appointed Managing Director of Garrets International as of April 2024.

Hamish is a seasoned, international professional with a wealth of experience, having worked on five continents in the global food services and facility management sectors, most recently with ISS as Head of Group Food Services. He brings a strategic vision and a proven track record of driving growth and sustainability initiatives.

“In 2023, we reshaped the strategy for Garrets and with Hamish in the front seat, we’ll continue to invest in the business to continuously develop and improve Garrets’ customer centricity and customer satisfaction” says Jens Holger Nielsen, Group CEO.

“The potential of Garrets is immense, and I’m eager to be underway and propel the business forward. During the next weeks, I’ll be meeting up with customers to get a firsthand insight into their needs and requirements”, says Hamish Cook, Managing Director of Garrets. Hamish sees a great potential in the digital progression of Garrets, and continues: “I’m confident that our new digital ecosystem, Gateway*, is a game-changer to the industry, adding a fast, easy and transparent ordering process to our customers’ budget management, coverage and stock”.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Stanley Morrice for having taken up the mantle of interim Managing Director for Garrets until the appointment of Hamish”, ends Jens Holger Nielsen.

*Gateway is a digital provision and order management platform that introduces a fast, easy and seamless
ordering process, adding transparency to our customers’ budget management, coverage and stock.