Corporate social responsibility

Our company is built on strong values, aiming to serve our customers and their seafarers with the best possible support. Everything we do ends up in the hands of a seafarer and thus effects their motivation and wellbeing – this is summarised by providing expert care - making our customers' life at sea better.

As part of Wrist Ship Supply, Garrets acts in accordance with the Group’s Business Principles. The Business Principles have been formulated as an extension of our values, guidance and mission increasing transparency and describing the way we act while achieving our business goals.

Garrets is committed to carry out business in a sustainable way. In order to promote the long-term interests of our company and our stakeholders, we strive to maintain the highest legal and ethical standards in all business practices.

shipcrew overlooking ropes on vessel

a freightship is being followed by two tugboats through icy waters

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