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THE LEADING PROVISION AND STORES management PARTNER AT SEA - We supply in more than 715 ports across 113 countries.

Garrets provides a better standard of living at sea. Being the leading provision and stores management partner, we serve more than 1,600 vessels around the world with high focus on quality based on an agreed daily rate.

We guide each vessel via healthy menu planning, offer cookbooks for every crew nationality, perform on-board galley audits and provide training programs for chefs.

With our global purchasing power, we support substantial logistics cost savings for our customers handling their spare parts in co-operation with our global logistics partners.

Wrist saw growing market share in 2016

Wrist saw growing market share in 2016

09 March 2017

Sales increased by 13%. Despite tough market conditions – not least in the off-shore sector – Wrist Ship Supply continues developing its business platform.