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Marine consultancy services

We offer consultancy services to guide our customers on food management, menu planning, safety, and hygiene – streamlining the day-to-day practices and procedures. Whether you need guidance in menu planning for a multinational crew or how to implement food safety systems onboard, we offer professional consultancy service to ensure you perform your absolute best.

A consultancy service can be booked as either an online meeting or an on-board visit by one of our superintendents. We offer professional consultancy service and guidance in several areas including:

  • Training of galley personal
  • Streamlining the purchasing process
  • Technical stores advice and supply
  • Victualling rate budgeting and supply planning
  • And much, much more...



Contact our superintendents

Feel free to contact our superintendents at superindents@garrets.com.

Our mission is to improve the welfare of seafarer’s and learning at sea, and we will ensure to apply you with the tools, knowledge, and skills to perform excellent both at sea and on shore.