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Provision Management

At Garrets we work hard to provide seafarers around the globe with the highest quality possible of provisions. We use our strong network of suppliers, which ensures our customers the best prices on the market - no matter where in the world.

We work closely with each vessel in order to establish a good and long-lasting partnership, as this help us help the crew onboard the vessel in the best possible way. A close partnership enables us to offer provisions for every crew nationality in coordination with the crew.

With provision management you will work in an easy ordering tool, in which keeps the ordering process simple and transparent.

We supply more than 1400 vessels around the world in provision management.

Hygiene & food safety

Proper hygiene and food safety is vital in any galley.
We offer training to crewmembers, and are naturally in compliance with legislations, HACCP principles together with MLC certifications. Read more about our training services here. 
As a global organization with both customers and suppliers situated in many different areas, we have decided to partner with NSF international, which a leader in Health & Safety- based risk management solutions.

All of our suppliers needs to be verified through NSF, in order to secure the crewmembers safety and general health. You can find our quality management certifications here.

Menu guidance and recipes

In cooperation with the vessel, Garrets can assist in menu planning, offer recipes through our innovative online cookbook which is continuously updated with new recipes, cooking theory, product knowledge with multi ethnic awareness together with sidebars and tips.
The online cookbook works as an application, which can be updated whenever the vessel has internet access.
Find more information about the online cookbook in our cookbook brochure, or contact our superintendents at superintendents@garrets.com.

Food management

Garrets have through many years in the catering business established a large knowledge base of how crew onboard the vessel consumes provisions. We will always be of service and assist in the planning of a vessels provisions.
This can help the vessel in creating a healthy and varied menu, together with knowledge about how to minimize food waste - and by that not only save the environment, but also minimize the costs, but not at the expense of the quality.


Our vision is to provide the tools and equipment needed for the vessel crews, if training is needed on board.
The training courses consist of a range of different educational topics, all of which have the purpose of educating the crew at the best possible. The training consists of both practical lessons, instructional video lessons together with cooking quizzes, and personal chef support. This combination of different approaches, ensures that the cooks receive the right tools for working in a galley.
The training campuses is located in Manila, Mumbai and Nantong. Read more about our training courses here.

It is possible to receive the training courses in both the campuses stated above, as an online course, on board the vessel or as self-study - please find all available training format here, or contact our Superintendents at training@garrets.com and let us know what you need.

Crew welfare and cultural understanding

The company culture of Garrets goes back to when Garrets was founded in 1991, and is based on three distinct values; To provide expert care to each ship and crew, to be recognized in making our customers lives at sea better, and living by the values of being hard working, customer oriented and having a winning attitude - all three with the focus on caring about the crew.
As a global company, with individuals in many different locations, we have the obligation to affect the world in a positive and responsible manner.
We are aware that vessel crews are located in many different areas of the globe, and are often comprised of many different nationalities. That is why we have a strong focus on providing provisions which can be enjoyed by a multiethnic crew.

We also strive to deliver seasonal products regarding holidays, so the crew can enjoy some holiday spirit. For more details on how we ensure crew welfare, contact us at info@garrets.com.

Shared properties with stores management

Both provision management and stores management share some common properties, which will benefit the customers in the end. Due to Garrets' global coverage we offer a wide range of products, from many different suppliers all over the globe. This global coverage creates a very strong price index and thereby ensuring that each vessel can obtain goods at the best price possible.
Through our outsourcing model we assist our customers in achieving maximum efficiencies within the ship's operations and reducing administration costs for both owner's office and crew on board. All the global supply costs are settled through a fixed monthly invoice based on a competitive victualling rate per man/day.
The global coverage also ensures that each vessel will obtain the bought goods at the right time, at the right place no matter where in the world they are located.
By trading with Garrets both the vessel and the vessel owner(s) will enjoy the benefit of having only one point of contact, as Garrets handles all sub suppliers, and thereby drastically limits the time, administrative costs and resources needed to manage the provisions and stores. A further benefit of the Garrets partnership is the ease experienced by the crews when arriving at a harbor, as they do not need foreign currency or trouble themselves with complicated invoicing, as Garrets takes care of every step of the order process.
A dedicated Vessel Account Manager is able to develop a comprehensive understanding of the crew's needs and the preferred working styles. Moreover, close collaboration with the customers allows Garrets to improve our day-to-day operations and continuously develop more efficient ways of working with our customers.
By knowing what the vessels are consuming, Garrets is able to advice according to our recommended consumption quantities and make sure that the crew are on budget and eating healthy.


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Provisions management

Strong price index and ease of handling.