Meet the team - Christian Larsson

What is your background?

I started in Nilfisk Food Division in the Sales department – maintaining customers, had the daily contact, took part in exhibitions and made sure all commercial aspects was kept at a high level. I stayed at Nilfisk for 12 years until I started in Wrist Catering in 2008. In Wrist Catering I started in the Operations department where I purchased provisions for the vessels in management of Wrist Catering. Later I moved to Stocktaking – handled vessel workbooks, approved purchases and had the follow-up on possible overconsumption. After 3 years in the Operations and Stocktaking department I moved to the Sales department and have been part of the department for almost 7 years. I work as a Sales Account Manager, functioning as team leader in the commercial “back office”. We have the daily responsibility for updating and maintaining contracts, reports for clients, troubleshooting towards our partners and internally in Garrets and negotiating higher rate for the vessels to match their trading areas – just to mention a few.

What motivates you in your job?

I am motivated by working in a company that is constantly improving where you have the possibility of improving your work skills whilst being part of a very competent sales team.

Why do you think one should choose Garrets as their preferred partner?

In Garrets, we follow the market trends and constantly make sure to improve our platforms to meet market demands as well as our customers’ demands towards us a service provider and partner. We have strong set-up in Garrets towards the vessels and customers. Garrets Superintendents team is one of Garrets’ main assets in our business model as well as our systems like our workbook and ERP platforms.

We have expanded our business areas to Stores Management and GMP – in Garrets, we can see the need of improvements where it is necessary. I think all this highlights why Garrets is the preferred partner to the industry.

What is the best feedback you received from a customer?

In my many years in the business, I have received a lot of positive feedback, but overall the best must be when customers approach us, saying we are reliable as a partner and we always do our utmost in servicing all customers – no matter where and when.                                      

How do you see the future of this industry?

The industry is constantly improving in the direction of outsourcing the purchasing of i.e. provisions to experts as Garrets. It is getting more and more common to outsource daily activities to provision management companies to have a full focus on other areas within ones business.