Learning at Sea

We have a passion for improving the welfare of seafarers by offering onboard, on shore and remote online training of the galley personnel. We work in partnership with our customers by sharing a wealth of knowledge and experience we have attained during our many years of service in maritime procurement and supply management services.

Learning at Sea updates every month with a variety of thematic videos, recipes and guides with all you need to know about galley management, food preparation and sustainability practices while at sea. 

Happy learning and safe sailing!


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Recipe for Banana bread. Click link to acess recipe Recipe for Tofu pak choi with sweet and spicy broth pie. Click link to acess recipe Recipe for Dutch apple pie. Click link to acess recipe
Miso-grilled aubergines Rich vegan stew with cheezy dumplings   Versatile veggie chilli


If you have any questions, feel free to contacts our superintendents via: superintendents@garrets.com.

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a freightship is being followed by two tugboats through icy waters

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