Learning at Sea

At Garrets, we have a passion for improving the welfare of seafarers by offering onboard, on shore and remote online training of the galley personnel. We work in partnership with our customers by sharing a wealth of knowledge and experience we have attained during our many years of service in maritime procurement and supply management services.

The current global travel restrictions have caused many hardships for seafarers all over the world. At Garrets, we have taken our precautions by discontinuing our vessels audits for the time being in order to protect the well-being of our customers. However, we still wish to improve the welfare of seafarers by sharing knowledge and experience to guide you in food management, menu planning and safety and hygiene within your galley.

Below you will find a library of movies and files with all you need to place orders and learn more about galley management, food preparation and safety.

Tips and tricks

Here you will find guidelines, tips and tricks regarding anything from menu planning to stock taking through Garrets Online Workbook.


pdf Dutch apple pie

pdf Egg custard tarts

Tips to Galley Management

pdf Free-range eggs

pdf Sustainable fish species

pdf Re-use cooking oil

Garrets guides:



If you have any questions, feel free to contacts our superintendents via: superintendents@garrets.com.

Happy learning and safe sailing!