Meet the team - Kevin Brämer

What is your background?

In my late teens and early twenties, I had various of different jobs, pursuing what I wanted to do in my life. I tried everything from construction to military service, but nothing was “just right” for me. As a result, I tried going in a different direction and studied Computer Science. However, after two semesters, I realized this was not for me either, and switched to Financial Economics. With my degree, I wanted to become a Real Estate Agent. While searching for such a job I got an offer from SeaStar Management.

I started in SeaStar, now Garrets, in late 2015 as a temp. This was my first encounter with the maritime industry, but the industry and the people in the business quickly grew on me, and made me realize that this might be “just right”. I was then hired full time early 2016 as a Data Coordinator.

What motivates you in your job?

Garrets in striving to be the best, to always move forward and is not afraid to have high ambitions. This counts for both the employees and the company itself. The employees are given responsibility for their own job, and is allowed to take even more responsibility if they want and can cope.
Personally, I have more or less the perfect job, as my job allows me the best from two worlds. I always seek expert knowledge when something interests, and I have an urge to help people. This is the exact focus areas I have in my job. On one hand, I can spend a lot of time getting to know our product into the smallest details, and use this knowledge to improve it and other aspects of the business. The second aspect is to give support to both internal and external parts. These are all highly motivating factors for me.
Last but definitely not least, the people working for and with Garrets are all a great part of the reason why I love coming into the office every morning.

Why do you think one should choose Garrets as their preferred partner?

Garrets have ever since I knew the company had very high focus on their customers. Garrets is always working on new projects, which intentionally will help the seafarers out in the world. The customers opinions is always taken into consideration and on multiple occasions Garrets have adjusted/changed their solutions to fit the customer’s needs.
Garrets’ team is also always doing their best to offer a great service and assisting the vessels if needs be.

What is the best feedback you received from a customer?

A chief cook once wrote: “Its all good guys and I will add an extra many thanks to Kevin especially as his fantastic communication and help has been invaluable to me whilst getting familiar with the whole Seastar/Garrets and WB experience.”                                           

How do you see the future of this industry?

I think that the maritime industry will soon catch up with the rest of the world regarding IT improvements and updates. Especially a boost in internet availability and reduced costs for it can open up for new and even better tools removing many manual tasks on board.

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